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VENCO was established in 2000 and it designs, produces and sells ventilation units and equipment at its factory in Manisa,Turkey. VENCO gives a great importance to Research & Development and Product Development by developing high efficient and high quality products whose aim is to contribute to the safety of the environment. VENCO is one of the leaders in its sector by new investments at its facility with sustainable quality policy, that provides us increasing domestic sales volume and export sales volume. VENCO is exporting to more than 50 countries in 5 continents. VENCO has CE, ATEX and Fire Resistance certificates for their products and the products are tested according to EMC & LVD standarts. Also, VENCO posseses ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems Certificate. Venco, utilizing up-to-date standards, production and test technologies in order to carry out the production in conformance with the international standards in ventilation industry, is active in production, domestic and overseas sales of its wide product range including; • Heat Recovery Ventilators • Duct and Air Handling Unit Type Electrical Heaters • Jet Fan Systems • Axial Smoke Exhaust, Fresh Air and Pressurization Fans • Explosion Proof (EX-Proof) Fans • Fans with Casing • Shelter Fans • Aspirators/Ventilators with Casing • Duct, Roof and Kitchen Type Fans • Silencers and Fan Accessories
With 100% Turkish capital and investment, Nim Heat Systems Industry and Trade Co. Ltd. has been working in the sector since 1975 in the heating sector for 20 years in production, service, accounting and latest sales marketing export departments with the motto of "New solution partner in Water & Area Heating" with "NIMISO" brand which is our own brand and completing our mission with our young dynamic staff, customers. With its expert technical and sales team, we have been working with the aim of introducing the concepts of sector engineering and consultancy as well as our attitude of refusing "Only sell products" policy.
Our company, which is Cooling, Air Conditioning and Ventilation, was established in 1985. With 35 years, Tura Iklimlendirme ve Sogutma has created the world's best quality and also known economic products that meet the conditions of our country with O.E.Ms, SMEs, Services and powerful dealers.
PROSO Professional Cooling is your “Solution Partner” in offering of integrated systems projects applied to cooling systems, cold rooms and refrigerated display cabinets, including pre-project training, consulting service, system design and production, selection of equipments-technologies and energy saving applications services. It also provides maintenance, supply of spare parts, installation and remodeling services using its experience and knowledge for more than 20 years, in the way of getting total satisfaction of its customers. In line with constantly evolving technologies, PROSO Professional Cooling continues its efforts to follow and implement the latest developments in the refrigeration sector according to the new requirements of the market. Beyond products selling, our company policy is to assess customer’s needs and provide “turkey projects” with the appropriate solution and the most reasonable cost. PROSO Professional Cooling aims to become a reference regarding combination and submission of superior quality products according to the standards and a concept of advanced service, meeting the customer demand. This remains the indispensable principle of the company.
We are proud of being involved in the Turkish bicycle industry with the production techniques, knowledge and experience we have developed over the years in the field of aluminum production. KOREL Elektronik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. In 1988, with the aim of producing aluminum materials for the white goods industry, the aim was to increase the variety of materials and production capacity over the years. 20.000 tons of aluminum material is produced annually for domestic and foreign white goods and automotive supplier industry which are producing in the field of heating and cooling. Korel Elektronik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S., which transforms crude aluminum material into its own casting and pipe factories, In 2015, a new investment decision has been taken for the manufacture of aluminum bicycles and all aluminum parts used in the bicycle industry with local possibilities. It was decided that the bike would be offered to CORELLI brand and the aluminum bicycle, parts and other equipments to the bicycle market of Turkey with DACRON brand. Korel Elektronik Sanayi ve Ticaret AS, which can produce its own aluminum scorecard with its own possibilities. Aluminum material production knowledge and experience in the field of bicycle production will also be the pioneer of innovation in the bicycle industry. Our bicycle factory with 8.000 m2 closed and 3.000 m2 open area has aluminum welding department, T6 oven department, dye house, assembly line, label application line and staff test laboratory for staff production. Korel Elektronik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Þ. Our aim is to produce with zero mistake and to reach the bicycle user from every income group the comfort and lightness of bicycles produced with aluminum staff. As we enter the 2018 sales period, we are pleased to present a completely new product range in terms of product range and technical specifications in parallel with the developments in the world bicycle industry. KOREL ELEKTRONIK SAN. TIC. A. S.
Our company has been giving service to many homes, houses, institutions and organizations with its experiences gained since 2005. Our products, which we manufacture first, proudly carry the label "Felluce Isi" all over the country. We always produce the best not good is our principle. Our company produces, sells and markets heating systems, ventilation systems, mobile system collectors, boilers, air handling units.
KARYER is one of the leading manufacturers & exporters of Heat Exchangers, Evaporators and Condensers as a serial production and according to special requirements. Since 1978, KARYER became a leader in its field and kept developing its competitiveness in both domestic and global markets. Believing in the importance of improvement in operational efficiency obliged KARYER to spread its production to 48.000m² establishment with 600 employees. We export to 75 countries in 6 continents (mainly in Europe) by ISO 9001:2008 certified standards, with EUROVENT, CE, UL, PED(CE0036), GOST-R and Ukr-SEPRO certified standards, while approximately 60% of our turnover is obtained only from export sales. KARYER provides flexible solutions and wide range of product alternatives as a result of its customer oriented approach.
Baymak has a long traditional past over 46 years, on a total area of 60,000 m2 in Tepeoren and operates with its two production plants. Baymak is the one of leading manufacturers in Turkey has 1200 dealers, over 2.100 sales points and more than 250 after sales service providers. Baymak has over 800 employees and always aiming to do produce with high-technology, became a member of BDR Thermea since 2013. BDR Thermea Group consisting of companies, Baxi (England)-in Dietrich (France) and REMEHA (Netherlands) with production facilities in Turkey, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, France, Spain and the Netherlands is with a turnover in excess of $ 3 billion and close to 7,000 employees become Europe’s 3rd biggest leader Dutch company, active with its trade in more than 70 countries. Baymak / BDR Thermea; manufactures, exports and imports in the categories of heating, renewable energy, electrical water heaters, cooling and water technology. Baymak reaches to the consumers, in the field of heating with the products of combi boilers, condensing boilers, commercial floor standing boilers, residential boilers, panel radiators, towel radiators, valves and expansion tanks and in the field of air-conditioning with wall-mounted split air-conditioners, floor standing air-conditioners and heat pumps. Baymak/BDR Thermea takes place in the field of renewable energy with solar collectors, biomass boilers, biodiesel burners and photovoltaic systems and Baymak presents it’s guarantee to the end-users in the field of water heaters and water technologies with electrical water heaters, thermoboilers, water heaters with gas, storage tanks, circulating pumps, submersible pumps, sewage pumps, multi-stage self-priming centrifugal pumps and water boosters.
Ozerteknik A.S. Company has been existing in heating sector for 24 years and established Ifyil Termo Iklimlendirme San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. Industry Company in 2009 for the brand name “IFYIL” offering modern innovative solutions for heating systems. Ifyil Termo factory was established on 6.000 m2 of a total area of 20.000 m2. Company has already achieved an image and prestige on the market with 45 professional staff with the most modern know-how. In this regard, priorities of R & D Department of Ifyil Termo Iklimlendirme are efficiency, energy saving and comfort. Ifyil Termo already has been exporting to more than 20 countries with increasing number of demands. Ifyil quality has been embracing the world day by day with various eco-friendly models. Ifyil stoves have unique ergonomic design with its compact, modern appearance and all in one mechanical structure. Ifyil uses the latest technology harmonizing with traditions. So, Ifyil manufactures eco-friendly pellet and wood stoves at the highest quality for international market. All the stoves are tested according to the international standards in each phase of production. Ifyil high-tech products heat not only one room but also whole house with low fuel consumption. Besides, Ifyil hightech products give utmost pleasure and comfort by providing hot water for its special users.